Governance of OSS4gEO 🌐

The Open Source for Geospatial Software Resources Platform for Geospatial Data Exploitation - OSS4gEO - is a project financed by the European Space Agency - ESA - through the Permanently Open Call for Proposals for Future EO-1: EO Science for Society , submitted under the activity line of Earth Observation for a Resilient Society. The project is designed and implemented by the Romanian private company Terrasigna between January 2023 and January 2024.

During the implementation period, the decisions on the structure and functionalities of OSS4gEO are established by the implementing team, together with the project officer representing ESA, following closely the proposal approved for funding. Significant resources are also invested, as planned, in establishing a community around this initiative to ensure its continuation after the completion of the ESA - Terrasigna contract. Additionally, the team is preparing OSS4gEO for a seamless transition under the tutorship of a relevant open source foundation.

The foundations of the OSS4gEO governance are:

  • Openness and Transparency
  • Active Contribution
  • Institutional Neutrality

The governance model for OSS4gEO - supported by the implementing team, together with the European Space Agency - is foundation-backed, with a project steering committee for leadership. It is expected that, in general, all OSS4gEO decisions are made through consensus among the members of the steering committee with input from the community. If consensus is not reached, the majority of PSC members will make the final decision.

The governance full document is available HERE.